Artist Development

You need to have 3 things as an artist to become well-known.
I call this the Triangle to Success.

The Triangle to Success

Good songs

There are no rules in songwriting, but there are tools you can use when songwriting. Great songs are what will ultimately allow you or your band to become famous So how do you write a song? There are two parts: lyrics and melody.

Everybody writes differently, but there are some basic principles for song notation, constructing melodies and writing lyrics: we will go over all of these different elements.

Wow factor

Have you ever been to a concert and gone, "Wow, these guys are great"? We want people to say the same about you.

How do you do this? By having a great stage show. We use a method originated by Tom Jackson: a step-by-step method on how to perform on stage. If you think just standing and singing will cut it, it won't. You also have to perform certain songs at certain times in the show to impress the audience.


The music business has changed dramatically over the past few years, and more and more bands are going the indie band route; gone are the days when you could just sign a record deal and become famous.

While I will manage some bands, I will also show you how to manage a band yourself. I have done this in the past with some of the bands I have worked with - including two-time Juno Award nominee Faber Drive - with great success: some have even gone so far as to win the title of Best Band in Canada and appear on Canada's Got Talent.